Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I believe this is the ONE !

Oh my God, tonight we went to see what I really believe is going to be our new place.
It is gorgeous! Everything I dreamed of, everything on our "list", it is perfect.
Phenomenal location, directly across the street from my beloved ocean, "very" nice neighborhood/community, garage, beautiful craftsmanship, second and third floor, two bedrooms, all hardwood floors, state of the art washer and dryer ON THE SECOND FLOOR, closets, heated with gas, radiators ( no dusty hot air), woo hoo gorgeous kitchen, small deck off of kitchen (plenty of space for herb garden) large deck off of front with literally million dollar views, built in's everywhere.
The apartment/addition was designed by a local architect for the homeowner herself to live in, believe you me she spared no expense and you can see how much she loved her home. It is a warm loving space. Everything is new but she had the character of the main house infused in the addition, so it has all of the architectural details that I love. There is a gorgeous view of the ocean from every window except the bathroom.

Sooooo....we'll soon know for sure.

We have decided to sell our truck. We discussed it, either the motorcycle or the truck. He loves the bike, I knew he'd choose the bike, hee hee hee.
I am buying (cash, very short money) what I lovingly refer to as a hoopty. It is a jeep, just a jeep. A Sahara, hard top, soft top, bikini top that was rebuilt by my brother-in-law, it is a standard, has 4-wheel drive, and I love it!

So there frees up almost $5,500. per yr in the payments and another $1,400. in insurance!!!!!!

Almost $7,000 per year in one fell swoop, that doesn't even include the $75 per week in gas, and upkeep, tires etc.
So...better than $10,000. per year Oh hell yeah!

I'm on a roll !

P.S. Shawn is hanging in there. Fighting to stay positive, he has a very tough time with change.

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Kim said...

I can totally appreciate having a tough time with change! It sounds like you are making good ones, though, and that these will make a positive difference in your life. Congratulations! I'll keep my fingers crossed for this new place, it sounds like a beauty. Hang in there.