Sunday, October 26, 2008

Being Free

The last couple of days Shawn has been on an upswing.
Fri and Sat Shawn invites me up for a sleep over. Conjugal visits. Shawn's feeling good, his O2 sats are good, he looks better. We just came back from a ride on the bike, it was awesome. I'm so glad we have had this nice weekend. I love being with him on his bike. I feel good on it. I feel young and sexy, I feel carefree.

So right now it is a beautiful day, the leaves are changing, the sun is out, and I'm in love and at peace. right now

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Kim said...

Hi Tina,
We walked by your new house again this morning, I'm so thrilled you are going to be close by! Can't you just see us sitting on those benches overlooking the ocean, sipping our coffees and gossiping like 2 old women? LOL. Ok, maybe that's just my vision.... I'm glad you had a good weekend with Shawn, you deserve all the good times you can get. The road is sure filled with speedbumps, isn't it???? Talk soon, xo, Kim