Thursday, October 30, 2008

Jordache bag

When I was a kid, you went shopping for clothing twice a year, plus you'd get clothing on almost every holiday. I used to get so pissed . At 13 I was really hoping for a cool Jordache bean shaped purse that was all of the rage at the time. I don't remember what they cost but I didn't have enough, so I was hoping for the purse or cash so I could get it myself.
No I got a dreaded hat mitten or glove and hat set. EEk. The ones that came in the box with the celophane windows so you could get a immediate peek at your knit and faux leather "Zayres" winter set.
I ended up shoplifting one. We got caught Oh my God but that's another story.

You got practical gifts. sweaters, socks, bathrobes,batteries. Then you got your biggies. the ones your were hoping for, we usually made list, our wish list. I might do that this year. Then we can pick something special and appreciated. I hate when I am just getting shit to get it. So I have something to reciprocate with.
Better yet all my gifts this year will be made by my own two little hands. Well i amy have some help but still not made in a far away land.
O.K I'm adding that I can purchase something really special if it is hand made. Craft fairs here i come, I might just cruise them for ideas.

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