Friday, October 24, 2008

Boys of Summer

I love this song. Don Henley.
If you don't know this song I think you're missing something special.
As soon as I hear the opening, the seagulls, sounds of the ocean, I am immediately transported to a good place in my life. I think of standing in front of my house in Winthrop with the air whipping my hair around my face, getting in my eyes, the sounds of cars coming and going, the roar of the airplanes in the sky above me, and the steady lapping on the beach. Rising and falling waves. I hear the sound of a motor, accelerating, moaning around the bend, the music wafting out, not any motor, his motor, his truck. I would feel my heart swell in my chest, a flutter in my stomach, a hitching of my breath, a smile on my lips. I'd think ...He's coming. He's coming home to me.

That's one of my favorite memories.

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whatsherface said...

I love this song, too :)

"those days are gone forever...I should just let 'em go but.."