Monday, October 6, 2008

A Good Day

Today was a good day for me, all around.
Shawn is still in the hospital, he looks really good, feels good and looking forward to getting out.
We are in a mad rush to find a new clean home for us. It has been a lot to handle on my own.

Shawn called me this morning he had actually taken it upon himself to go down to the hospital/family library get on the net and hunt down apartments. He found a great little townhouse right across from the beach, in a very nice community. He made all of the calls and made arrangements for us to take a look at it. He then surprised me by conning the doctor into letting him out to come see it with me. After all it's Shawn who has to breathe in it.

So it was such a great treat, tonight Sara, Jake and I drove into town and picked up Shawn and drove off into the night.
All of us together driving in the truck, out through the city and down along the ocean to check out the digs.
It was so nice just to be with him. Just to look over and see him sitting there, listening to him talk, smelling him, being able to reach over and touch him.
It was wonderful!

The place was very nice. Right across the street from the ocean! Duplex, no shared walls, private driveway, clean, just affordable. The location is wonderful, short distance to Sara's school and into Boston.

Anyhoo who cares I am high as a kite just from spending time with my man. He makes me so proud.

A good night


Amy said...

Tina this is awesome news!!!! I hope you guys look into more and perhaps even move into it! You used to live by the ocean before right? Moving back could be wonderful for the mind and body for BOTH of you!!!!!

I hope it works out :)


Kim said...

I'm so excited that you liked the apartment!!! And the icing on the cake is that we are so close...It sounds like you had a wonderful evening, you all deserved it and here's to looking forward to many more even better ones!!! Yay for Shawn to find the place and set up the appointment... You guys both rock.

xoxoxo, Kim

Laurie said...

Hi Tina!!

I am so glad you found a nice place!! I hope you get it! I live on the South Norwell. I still go to the Children's Hospital. I hope they never kick me out, but you never know!! Do you see dr. uhler...aka...dr mcdreamy?? I love him...he is so nice!! I have to go in stuff!! a little of track there...just wanted to say woohoo!!!

Take care,