Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Big Night Tomorrow

Wednesday is going to be a very special night. Sara Lou turns 13 in Nov. I am taking Sara and her best friend Amanda to see "Panic @ the Disco" in concert. It is a very cool band in the teen world, I guess. I have been force fed their music for the last 6 months, I actually like it. So I too am really looking forward to enjoying the whole experience.
I'm so excited to be making this kind of memory with Sara. Do you know what I mean? Her first concert, and a cool group too. She'll always look back on this, it will be one of those scattered events in your life that stick out. It's a good time in our lives right now.

We're moving, starting over, making so many healthy changes, Shawn's going to finally get better, we'll have our peace back. I am very grateful. I feel like we are walking into the light.

So here's to feeling good, making memories, and living life!

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Kim said...

You sure are a cool mom, going to a Panic at the Disco concert!!! Sara is lucky to have such a wonderful mother, I hope you guys have a great time, enjoy!!!!