Monday, March 2, 2009


So Shawn is in surgery....we braved the storm and actually got here early. Shawn was all checked in and off to the OR by 9ish, supposedly the procedure will be an hour but I don't usually count on it.

They have this great family library area while you wait, computers, tables, couches, recliners and free coffee, juice, bagels, danishes and the like. It's really a very pleasant environment.
the staff is great too. Very friendly but not overbearing, they do a great job of keeping everyone calm and posted.

So here I am Ha! I should have brought some glass to work on!


Anonymous said...

Hope everything goes well today Tina!

CowTown (kelly)

Amy said...

Glad everything went well (read this after all the updates on FB).

I may have to look into B&W for TX sounds like a fabulous hospital!!! :)

Kim said...

"Shaggy Airway" -- sounds like something Austin Powers might say!