Monday, March 30, 2009

Ugly weather out there

Ugh the weather is really gross today. The sky is gray, it's drizzling out and feels raw. Yuck. My plan is to go out, hit the tanning booth, then head to the craft store to pick up some supplies. I have sorted through quite a bit of my glass and realized that ALOT of it is not jewelery quality. Lucky for me you can do a million other things with it. I happen to love the look of stained glass panels, and you can use seaglass for this as well.

Plus it's really free-form so if I don't over analyze it I should be able to create some very nice panels. The over analyzing is what gets me every time.

I'll spend hours sorting and laying them out and then feel like it's not quite right and just dump them all out. ARGH!

I have to keep reminding myself that my work does not need to be like anybody else's work. It does not have to live up to anyone elses standards. Unfortunately I can not get over that hurdle. Why? Who the hell knows but today maybe a little closer to getting something done.

What a bitch session.

Oh and I have a guy from the beach who is turning into a bit of a problem for me. I met him while collecting seaglass, he makes small talk and I practically see him everytime I'm down there. He seemed very nice, always had little tid-bits of infromation about the glass, history, etc. He is the one who reccomended I go to the Swampscott historical society meeting which I did. The first one he wasn't at. When I saw him next and he found out I went he said he was going to the next one (they are once a month). Everytime I went down to the beach, which was MY quiet time, he is there and always comes right over to me and starts chatting away, personal shit that really makes me uncomfortable.
I asked Shawn to come to the next historical meeting to "meet" him. Shawn did, introduced himself, growled and peed on my leg and then left.
The guy frigging walked home with me. When I got to the corner of my street I said I was going in to make lunch and see you later...he went down to the beach and stayed there for hours. When I thought he was gone, I went down and he was there but sitting close to the wall so I couldn't see him from my house or the street. I nearly had a heart attck.
He says all these cheesy things in a laughing manner like"Where have you been my whole life" and crap like "I wish my wife was more like you". I always try and laugh it off I don't know what to do. I don't engage in the conversations but he keeps going, I usually end up just leaving and it pisses me off.
So a few weeks ago before I went to Florida, he comes down to the beach and leaves a little gift bag on my pile, and takes off. It had some shells and pieces of pottery and shit from the beach, things I know were part of his "treasure collection". Shawn was none too pleased and wanted to confront him in some way but I didn't think it was a good idea, the guy is not 'all there' if you know what I mean.
I go to Florida, forget a bout the whole thing and when I came home, the weather was too crappy for me to go down to the beach very often. So last week, wed or thur, I'm home alone and the fucking doorbell rings, I go down and he's standing on my frigging stoop. I almost shit. I opened the door, he said he hadn't seen me and was worried about me, brought me a gardening book he thought I would like blah blah blah. I was polite but quickly said I was cooking and had to run. He said he would see me on the beach and that he had missed me. Super Creepy.

I called Shawn, he was super pissed. The weather was bad so I didn't go down to the beach and then on Friday morning while the tide was still out I went down for a little while and he fucking shows up like ten minutes later and starts following me around the beach blathering on and on about his wife and how he is having a yard sale and wants me to come by, tells me where he lives. Mind you this is on a Friday, middle of the day and crappy weather. I tell him I'm busy and leave the beach. I go home tell Shawn and he's even more aggravated. Later that day in the early evening around 6, the tide is out I go back down and he fucking shows up five minutes later with pastries and is trying to give them to me. I called Shawn on my cell, Shawn goes out onto the porch calls me into the house. Craig gives me a bunch of coins from the Middle East with oil rigs and Alladin lamps on them, tells me to give them to Shawn so he doesn't get mad at him.

I took off. What the hell am I supposed to do? Shawn's solution is to go punch him in the face. Yeah not such a good idea but I'm not sure what I should do. I really don't want him bothering me anymore, he really crossed the line when he came to my house. Now I don't know how to handle it. I'm thinking of asking the Police for advice, not filing a report or anything but just asking what the hell I should do.

Any advice?


Amy said...

OK totally MUCH creepier on here than on the FB!! SHEESH!!!!!!

No wonder Shawn wants to beat the piss out of him!

I guess maybe say something like "I appreciate the kindness you have offered me but my husband and I both feel that it is going too far and needs to end". I dunno though. Maybe that sounds too much like you want it to continue.

Sorry for no really fabulous advice! I hope he starts to leave you alone so you can go back to enjoying your time!!!


Tina said...

Yeah thanks, I know it's a really awkward situation. I'm not sure how to deal with it but the weather is going to be lousy all week so I have some time to come up with something. This Thursday is the historical society meeting but I'm not going to go. Kind of pisses me off.

Elizabeth said...

I think that's pretty darn creepy. I agree with Amy, I think you have to figure out something pretty direct, like "I'm worried you might have a wrong impression; it makes me uncomfortable when you compare me to your spouse and I don't want you to talk to me that way. I am not interested in a relationship with you and I don't want you to bring me any more gifts or come to the house uninvited again." You don't have to give a reason, but, if you're socialized like most of us girls, you probably feel like you have to (I know I would feel like I had to)...but I can't think of a good one. Sorry, so not helpful; maybe the cops would have a good idea about what to do or look for. Sure sounds nutty to me.

I'm so, so sorry this is bugging you. Stay safe!

Kim said...

Eeeew! How dare he encroach on your "you time" on the beach! The nerve! I agree with Amy and Elizabeth, he sounds creepy and probably the best way to deal with him is to be polite but firm. He is making you uncomfortable and causing you to stay away from activities you enjoy (the beach and historical society) and you don't mean to be rude but you and your husband are uncomfortable with the attention. Easy for me to write, but it would be difficult to say to someone! Good luck Tina.