Monday, March 9, 2009


I had such a great weekend. Friday sucked balls all day, I couldn't get out of my funk but by around 9pm I was feeling back to myself.
Saturday I babysat my niece Emily from 9-3, we spent the day at the beach, she added about 5 lbs of friggin rocks to her rock collection.

At 4pm my other niece Gianna who is 5, arrived her parents were going out for the night so it was a sleepover. She was soooo funny. Apparently the last time she had been to the ocean she was like two. So she had no recollection. I asked her if she wanted to go across to the beach she was excited and we headed over.
When we got to the wall and she could see the beach and ocean she stopped dead in her tracks and her eyes totally bugged out of her head, she spreads her arms out and says in this wonderful little girl voice, "What IS this place?" I said "It's the ocean." she says "It's beautiful"

Then she was off down the stairs stopping to touch the sand as soon as she got to the bottom, she was totally amazed. She's been to a beach but it's on Lake Winnapesauke in NH so of course the sand is different, well really everything is different.
She was at first concerned that she was going to get dirty but I let her know that when she comes over to our place it's all about getting dirty. She was so excited I let her take off her shoes and she made "cakes" decorated with rocks and shells. I was having the most terrific time, I love that exhuberance that kids have, that we lose as we get older.
I had to pry her off of the beach and she made me promise we could come back the next day.

Sunday morning she wanted to go over first thing, I tried to explain the tide to her but she didn't get it, it's a pretty difficult concept to explain to a five year old. I had to bring her over to show her that the beach was under water. She was shocked.
Once the tide was on the way out we headed over it couldn't have been more perfect. The sun was shining it was warm, I had given her a sweatshirt to wear so she could get dirty.

She was looking so lovely that a photographer from The Boston Globe asked if he could take her picture, Shawn agreed and wouldn't you know she made the front page of the Metro section. I went out and bought a copy, it's not on-line for some reason. It's page B1Maybe I can take a picture of the picture...hmmm?

So a great day and then that evening we had dinner with a friend of ours from California who's out here for a conference, she's a pathologist.

So what started out as a really shitty weekend turned out quite nice.

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Amy said...

AWE I love kids and that is why!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! See how they make everything so much better?!?! :)