Monday, March 2, 2009

Shawn's Shaggy Airway

Shawn went in for surgery today, the plan was to keep him overnight but he did awesome so Yay he got to come home.

I am so happy with his team, they are incredible.

Ten years ago when I started trying to get a diagnosis for Shawn I developed a deep sense of animosity and distrust toward the entire medical world. This was before I was a nurse, I became a nurse because no-one would listen to me. Amazing that two initials after my name and "Poof" what I say matters.
Anyway the point I was getting at is I was trying so hard to find what I felt was the best care for Shawn, I wanted someone to take care of him the way I did. I wanted a medical team that listened, considered Shawn as a person in their decisions, I wanted a staff that washed their hands, that checked meds before walking into his room, doctors that were passionate about the care they provided, the lives they were messing with.
I wanted the best for him.

Well I haven't been everywhere in the world or the country for that matter but I'm so thankful that Shawn has the team at Brigham and Womens Hospital. We were at MGH, not the place for us. Ackkk

So anyway happy the pieces have fallen into place and I am completely at ease with B&W.
I never stressed even when he was going in for his transplant. I feel like he is getting the best care that they can give.


CFsteph said...

I am glad to hear that you like B&W. It eases my mind a bit.

Amy said...

Keep talking them up and you might get a visitor in a few years when I need a TX ;)

So glad everything is going well with the hubby!!