Sunday, March 1, 2009


I'm not sure if it's the weather or the chg of seasons coming on or the fact that Shawn has to back in for surgery tomorrow but whatever it is I am totally out of sorts.

I'm frustrated with myself for not getting my seaglass shit together.
I have some really beautiful pieces that I've made that I haven't posted because I can't get a picture that I'm happy with.
I don't want to post pieces because I need supplies, cording, clasps etc so I can actually deliver the piece. I'm not ordering supplies because I am overwhelmed by the choices, afraid I will order the wrong stuff. Ughhh. I am overwhelmed by the amount of glass I have collected but I can't help myself it's beautiful...

Oh Yeah I want to post a picture of something I found on the beach while carousing with Shawn.
There are a couple of things that make this a totally amazing find and frankly I'm glad Shawn was there with me because it's unbelievable that something so tiny jumped up at me.
What makes it special?

1) the is the holy grail of seaglass
2)the is a faceted square piece
3) history....may have been in a ring
4) the is tiny and the fact that it somehow made it's way out of the ocean and up onto the beach to me is incredible
5) what is it? glass, a ruby, a garnet? who knows?

I love it! Check it out:

Ugggggh I hate trying to put pictures up !!!!!! They never show up where I want them to!


Piper said...

Cool find Tina. Sorry you're feeling overwhelmed, but try and be patient with yourself - you guys have been through a lot lately! It's not a bad thing to slow down sometimes, and deadlines are for fools and lawyers anyway ;)

BTW, about the picture posting thing: try copying the picture once you've imported it (just highlight it and click copy), deleting the original, and then pasting it back wherever in the text you want it to actually show up. That's how I get them to show up in the middle of a post.

Kim said...

Hi Tina,
That is a gorgeous piece of red sea glass! A very special find for sure. Don't be too hard on yourself about feeling disorganized- like Piper said you guys have been through a tremendous amount: the transplant, rejection and treatment, a couple surgeries... that's enough to put anyone over the edge! Deep breaths, take a long brisk walk and maybe a hot bath. Pamper yourself,you deserve it! You'll soon be feeling organized and in control again. Talk soon! <3 k