Friday, March 27, 2009

He is Amazing

Shawn is now 17 wks post-op, here are the stats:

Pre-transplant wt.167...PFT's ?21%
Post-op on discharge wt. 163
2 1/2 wks post-op...... 12/17 ....PFT's 49%
3 1/2 wks post-op ..... 12/24....PFT's 61%
5 wks post-op.....Jan 2-4......3 day stay due to low-level rejection
11 wks post-op.....Feb 12....scheduled bronch led to 4 day inpatient stay for surgical debridement and dilation.
13 1/2 wks post-op....March 2....scheduled surgical debridement and dilation (day surgery)

16wks post-op......March 19th...surgical debridement and dilation

17wks out he is 190+ lbs

He has a clinic appointment April 1st so I'm anxious to see what his PFT's will be and his weight. Pre-op appt April 3rd and they have scheduled him for surgical debridement and dilation for the wk of March 6th.

I have to speak with the surgeon, I mean how often is he going to have to have this done? When will he be all healed up? The surgeon said it's not a big deal, just more of a maitenence job.

Really I can't complain at all, I know the ordeals that most transplant recipients go through and I consider Shawn to be extremely fortunate.

He is amazing.

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Amy said...

Awe good for Shawn!

I love hearing such positive feedback about TX :) makes me want it all the more!!

Keep on working hard Shawn!!