Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Will the drama ever end?

O.K. so I posted something on my facebook profile because I got my feelings hurt and I got a ration of shit for it and I was asked to take it down and that was after they deleted me from their friends list. So now not only can I not vent on my own page because she will be offended but I can't vent on my own page because a mutual friend of ours might see it and tell her and she might be offended. Oh the humanity.
Really? I mean really does the world revolve around her? I'm not digging this latest development at all.
So now I have to censor myself so as not to upset her. What the fuck.

And why am I giving into this crap? This whole mess is really exhausting me and what good will come of it.
I'll always remember the things she said and she will always remember what I've said so I'm not sure what happens at this point but I have the distinctive feeling that I am the bad guy here.
Oh yeah she said she had all of her friends and family read what I wrote and what? they agree with her?
Oh man what a mess.

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Amy said...

A friend of mine went through some similar shit with a friend. She finally stopped talking to her and to the friends that would "Rat" her out. Back in the myspace days of course. Total immature BS that got out of hand.

My advice screw both of them. If the one friend has to run and tell the other what is going on with your status then she is just as bad.