Monday, April 6, 2009

He can breathe again....whew

Shawn getting cranky waiting in pre-op

Here he finally Konked out

This is The Fabulous Dr.Camp, the surgeon who played a HUGE role in saving my husbands life.
He is Shawn's Transplant Surgeon and we love him.

Shawn did great today and he looks, sounds and feels so much better. It really is amazing. We got home from the hospital and Shawn walked up all the steps to our place @ a good clip and was not even slightly winded.

His surgeon (Camp)said that the R side was a pin poor baby. The L side had shrunk up too but not so bad.
So he was stretched open and now feels like a million bucks.
Camp said that the lungs looked great, no plugging, no nastiness going on and no further debridement needed he's very well healed.
Shawn will have to go back in next week to have that R side stretched a bit more.

But really who could complain, not me and certainly not Shawn. A very small price to pay.

He'll be doing PFT's on Wednesday and I'm dying to see how they look.

( I hate how I can not arrange the fucking pictures on this damn thing! )

Oh P.S.
An update on Mr. Kuckoo pants my beach weirdo....So Thursday I was out all day with Shawn, we picked up Sara Lou from drama @ 5:30 and get home at 6'ish and guess what? Yup...a gift left for me on my doorstep. A very nice plank, painted, distressed and then carefully stenciled with.... 'Swampscott est.1629'. to hang on the side of my house I guess. There was a note written on the back:
" I'll be alone at Rosa's Barbershop 6:30-9:30 cleaning. Why don't you come a knockin and cheer me up. Your Friend, Craig"

Yeah, I know. I have a problem.


Amy said...

And how did Shawn NOT show up there?

Wow that guy has some balls! He seriously needs to back off! I'm ready to come up there and give him a piece of my mind good lord!!!

SOOOOO happy Shawn can breathe again!!!! I'm keeping everything crossed he doesn't need anymore!!!


catchastar said...

Hi - I read your blog through the cf2 site, have CF, and have really learned alot about the transplant process - so thank you!

But I've just got to say - you need to stop this guy NOW! Call his wife and let her know what's going on (I thought I read you previously said he was married). Have Shawn beat him up - or at least threaten to... not only is he making you uncomfortable, he is ruining your time on the beach!