Tuesday, April 7, 2009

New Tires

Ugh Shaw has this thing about new tires.
Every truck he has always desperately needs new tires. I don't think they really need new tires I think he just likes new tires.
A month ago he was going on and on about how the Jeep desperately needed new tires and he couldn't buy three new tires to match the never used spare tire on the back, he wanted to buy four new tires and would then need to buy a fifth tire for a spare since the new ones were going to be bigger than the originals for some reason. So he was very busy on-line looking up tires and of course new wheels because the new tires would be too big for the old wheels. Mind you this Jeep is a real beat up truck, putting fancy tires and rims would be like putting a silk hat on a pig.

Well now he has a new truck. A big Dodge Ram. He got it from a friend of his, some deal was made (he didn't pay for it)I'm not sure of the details but he's thrilled because losing his pick-up and having to drive around in the Jeep was a big blow to his manhood or pride or whatever.

He said it needed some work on the exhaust and something in the front end. He had the exhaust fixed and then I thought he was dropping it off today to have the clunking in the front end fixed.
This afternoon we go to pick it up, he comes out to tell me I can go that he's all set, I asked him if they fixed it and he says yes....it needed new tires! He fucking kills me. New tires! My stupid Jeep barely stops I drive with my tippy toe, the starter grinds, you get dripped on when it rains, and the muffler is swinging and he needed new tires.

Him and his frigging new tires. So I'm a little aggravated.

I asked him what happened to my Jeep desperately needing new tires....he says that he mostly just wanted new tires to make it look better. That is a perfect example of the sneaky Shawn. Fucker.

Oh well I guess it's not a huge deal, but aggravating none-the-less.

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