Sunday, April 19, 2009

Shawn and I going for a ride

There we are headed out for a ride this morning. Yeah it was a really short ride because it was just too damn cold, brrrrrr.

Please notice I have about an inch of padding between my ass and the rear fender.

Last year we were going to get a new seat, or have additional padding upholstered into the existing seat. Then we were going to sell the bike because it was frowned upon by the Team.

They never would come out and say no bike but we got the idea and Shawn was actually accepting of that fact, but he clearly has changed his mind.

So I have the same little seat, it's a good thing I have some meat on my ass and it's also a good thing I am only 5 ft tall because otherwise my knees would be up around my ears. The pegs are high. It is actually a very comfortable position.

He wears a special mask to keep from inhaling any road goodies and the boost to his morale is well worth it.

It's funny down at the "Dew" where all the bikes hang out and Shawn used to go last year wearing his oxygen, the guys are all fascinated with the transformation.
They are very comfortable asking questions and it's nice to kind of get the word out about CF, transplant and organ donation. That's one group that should all be organ donors. Gross but as a nurse that's what we used to call guys that rode bikes, 'organ donors'.

Well Shawn is keeping his right where they are.

Life is a crazy thing.

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