Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Sea Glass

I love this blue one and I'm going to hate parting with it

Well I love this green too.
So anyhoo there is nothing fancy going on. I just love collecting and then crafting them into necklaces. I gave my very first ( a white frosty piece) one to a very special friend, she has a beautiful long neck and it sits just below her sternal notch, it looks sexy and regal.
I also joined a seaglass site, I am totally enjoying the process. Ooops the tide is just low enough for me to scour the beach before it gets too dark. Time to go freeze my fingers off! I do it happily!


Christy said...

You are so friggen talented.. I'm sooooo jealous!!

How beautiful those pieces are!

Tina said...

Thanks I feel inspired

Candice said...

Do you sell these? I really like the design..

Tina said...

Oh Candice thank you for the compliment, I'm winging this, just getting going but now that I've started and committed my creative juices are flowing...
It's not fancy shmancy it's me.