Monday, January 26, 2009

For me?

I am so enjoying getting to be me. I have never been able to do things that just make me happy. I mean doing things just to make myself happy, just me. Very novel idea huh?

I have always done things that bring me joy but it is usually through doing something for someone else. Which I know is a good thing but I'm learning that it is o.k. to do something for me too.

So what's my big thrill? I walk the beach, I walk the beach and pick up seaglass, bits of pottery, interesting stones, and old seashells.

Whenever I feel restless, my mind is starting to get the better of me, I pull on my warm hat, scarf, and coat, grab my cotton sack and away I go. I usually have the whole beach to myself because it's cold out, so it's very serene. Just me the waves, the seagulls, the crunch of sand and stone under my feet and occasionally the jingle of dog tags from up on the sidewalk.

I can stay down there for hours and most times the only reason I come in is because my finger tips are numb.

I am so Blessed to live here

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