Saturday, January 3, 2009

I love that man

Well I'm actually posting this while sitting in Shawn's hospital room, he is the most handsome patient in the joint if I do say so myself.

He's looking a bit puffy, eating like a pig and in very good spirits at the moment.

It's funny when we were gearing up for transplant they kept telling us that transplant was trading one "disease" for another and I didn't really get it. Now I think I do.

For the last month I have been so high, thinking that my Shawn was the exception to the rule, probably bordering on arrogance but now I feel like I've had a good spanking.
I know that this is not horrible and I know that this is "common" but it's still a bubble burster. (burster is not a real word)

So now I've done a bit of crying and whining.

I'm grateful. I'm grateful for so many things in my life. My beautiful new home, my wonderful family. My friends. People I see everyday who smile back at me and some that don't. I'm grateful, my husband, who was recently dying is now living.

I'm grateful for the gorgeous seaglass that washes up onto my beach with every tide.
I'm grateful I live on a beach.

I am extremely grateful for my friends on CF2Chat. Without their support I would most surely be in a very different state of mind.

I am grateful to God.


Amy said...


And we are grateful for you!

Christy said...

You continue to amaze me girl with your positive attitude. I'm praying for Shawn, and I just know that these round of IV steroids are going to nip this rejection in the bud!

I have to say being 7 years post-transplant that I don't think it's trading one illness for another. I take about 40 pills a day, and have to go in the hospital about once a year for IV's, and yeah.. just had another transplant for complications from the first one, but I would take all of this ANYDAY over nebulizers, vests, shortness of breath, coughing, and knowing that just a cold is going to through me in the hospital for a week or more. I know it's tough now.. I remember all those pesky complications immediately post-tx, and I know that it takes time to recover, and get used to the new medications.. but I promise, in time, you will feel like Shawn is (almost) normal!! Hehe.. don't let Shawn read that.

Please keep us updated!! Hang in there girl. Love ya!

Laurie Cyr said...

As one of my post tx friends said to me when he found out he was having rejection.."sort of a buzzkill". I think that summed it up!!

Take care and thanks for sharing your remarkable story!!

Laurie 42 w/cf, married 20 years!!

Kim said...

Hey Tina,
You were flying high after the transplant that went so smoothly, of course it's going to be a huge letdown to have some rejection! You have every right to whine and complain, but I hope things will be back to smooth sailing very soon. You have a great perspective and I love reading your blog. :-)