Thursday, January 15, 2009

Sea glass jewelery

First the photos of my seaglass pendants, are the rough ones.
They are not shown on their finished necklaces. I use copper, gold, stainless steel and sterling silver wire, some cording (silk, leather, hemp) depending on the piece. The wire in the picture was just to hold things in place for photos. (I didn't want anyone to think I was using scraps)

So to answer some questions...
1) Yes, these will be for sale
2) I am in the process of setting up a separate site for my seaglass.
3) I only use natural "real" seaglass, not the faux seaglass you can purchase in craft stores
4) Each piece will come with a card detailing where the seaglass was found, a bit about seaglass, and a brief bio
5)Each piece is created freehand, each piece will be unique.

Soooo..... this is just a bit of FYI......rough draft FYI

Honestly, I love the ocean. I love combing the beach for hours, the seaglass just pops up, catches my eye. Turning my little treasures into jewelery just seemed natural, I love to look at it and I hate the idea of it just being hidden away in a mason jar. My husband thinks I'm a nut but that is certainly nothing new.

I came in last night because it was too dark for me to see the beach I was walking on, not because I had lost the feeling in my toes, nose, and multiple fingertips.

I hadn't even noticed I was cold until I got back in the house, mmm yeah it took me a couple of hours, three mugs of tea and a big bowl of hot soup before I fully thawed out.
It's totally hypnotic, I bundle up,and I have this great cotton sack with a drawstring that I put my goodies in. I can't help but feeling like I have a sack of gold or something when I am hustling back across the street. I have a feeling my husband is going to "forbid" that tonight. Last night it was 19 Brrrrr!

Well's early and I decided my strategy today will be to head across now while the tide is out instead of waiting for the evening low tide. Wish me luck!


Candice said...

Good luck! Let us know when you get a sales site set up. :)

Christy said...

Please let me know when you put this jewelry up for sale. My daughter would LOVE a blue piece... if that's not too hard to come by. She loves necklaces!

I read where red is a very rare color to find. Have you ever found a red piece?