Friday, January 2, 2009


(I didn't realize that my last post, posted so this is sort of repeat info except that it is B1 and not A1 sorry for the repeat)
Well little setback here.
We got a call on New Years Eve from the good old docs at B&W. Shawn had a biopsy and it showed rejection. It is a low level of rejection B1, but rejection none the less.
So, Shawn was just admitted to B&W to be treated for it, hopefully he will be out on Sunday. Hopefully the high doses of super steroids will beat down his immune system so that it stops trying to destroy his new lungs. Yup a lot of hoping going on here.

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Kim said...

Hang in there Tina and Shawn, I can completely understand your frustration and disappointment with this latest development. Hope it's straightened out quickly and that you're home soon. Watch out for 'roid rage!!! :-). Thinking of you guys.