Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Real life Cf'er

Oh very exciting day today!

My husband and I met w/ a fellow CF'er and her husband this afternoon. It was a very positive and encouraging meeting.
I have a ton to say but, I happen to be really pooped out now but I will post more regarding that grand event tomorrow. Hee hee

I also found out that some people from our chat, have checked out my blog. I felt validated in some weird way.
Making our way in this new CF world has been difficult for us, he was a late bloomer so to speak and especially since we have only had Internet since this past March, we have been very isolated.

Being able to communicate and share w/ others in the same boat has been huge for us.
I am very grateful for the acceptance and support

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Kori said...

Just wanted to say Hi from one CFer wife to another. We also have the same breed of dogs in common. I love my Bostons.