Thursday, August 7, 2008


Here I am blogging on my new blog, how very exciting.

Some of you may know me from my previous blog site @ a CF website. Here is an explanation of why I am no longer there.

I became more and more disenchanted with that particular site due to the deletion and banning/booting of some very important and influential members.
Members that although I do not know personally or in a face to face traditional manner, I had grown quite fond of.
These are folks who had a lot to offer. They were outspoken, pro-active, articulate, frank, saucy, lively, and welcoming.
I felt an immediate kinship with them. I felt honored to know them
For all of these reasons they were banned from the site.

I was getting more and more distressed over the situation, it became clear to me that this site was not merely banning folks, they were harming the very population that the site was designed to help.
I made the choice to speak my mind about this situation. I discovered the next day that I too had been booted.

Everything that I had ever posted on that site was deleted. All of my blog posts were gone.


Shame on them.

I have always advocated strongly for my own patients, for my husband, for my friends and I will continue to do so.
Knowledge is power. We are intelligent individuals who are capable of making decisions in our own best interests. I believe we know our bodies better than anyone. Better than anyone and that includes folks with fancy initials following thier names and folks with fancy titles.

So here I am creating this new safe blog. Here where I can say whatever I like.

This post may be boring to alot of people but for those of you who are familiar to the circumstances, I wanted to give an explanation.

So poop on them..............Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha !

See you in chat!

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whatsherface said...

I have no idea if you'll even see this comment, being as it's like 12 years since you even wrote this blog entry (yeah, I tend to exaggerate, lol), but Tina, I gotta say - this means a lot to me.

You were fairly new to when all that went down and still, you stood with us - I admire anyone who takes a stand (even if it happens to be against me), but I really LIKE people who stand up WITH me, tehe :)

Thanks lady!

Rhi, the wheezie skeez