Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Feeling better

Well, I spent a lot of time cleaning my house a couple of days ago and I'd like to think it is responsible for an improvement in Shawn's health. I would like to believe all of that work is not in vain.

O.K. so I don't mean that my house is normally "dirty", it's just that with someone like Shawn, any amount of dust/dander/pollen in the house is too much. Soooo..dusting, vacuuming, and washing every surface including all linens, curtains, blinds and upholstered furniture is very time consuming and exhausting.

He feels better though. Yesterday he was out on that bike literally all day long w/ O2 but that's o.k. Today he went out on the bike without O2 and he looked great, when he stopped, he rested and recovered without O2.
Now of course if he was to get up and move around, I'm assuming he'd tank out but he was able to carry on a decent conversation.

Tonight we met w/ friends for dinner and I noticed that with all of the distractions and with all of his yapping and eating he never appeared to be SOB ( he had his O2 on but @ only 3 L) .

I don't know what to say or how to explain his ups and downs. Maybe it's common, I don't know.
If I didn't have copies of all his PFT's and I didn't live with him everyday I would wonder if he was exxagerating at times. EEKS sorry if he ever reads this.

How much is influenced by environment, diet, sleep, stress etc.?

There seems to be a direct correlation between his stress level and his well-being, more than normal. He's very psychosomatic.

Exciting news... Tomorrow we are going to meet our very first live CF'er and her husband! I am so excited, for Shawn and myself. I know for myself to communicate w/ others via the Internet who are dealing with CF ( which has only been since this past March) has been VERY helpful. I think for Shawn this is going to be beneficial. Might give him a kick in the ass too.
It will be good for him to see how hard CF'ers fight for their health and that it is cherished!

Off to bed but wanted to share my excitement!!

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