Monday, August 25, 2008

CF free day

Shawn declared Sunday to be a CF free day.
He was very good about it but on Saturday he made it very clear that on Sunday he did not want to discuss anything CF related. I could not mention any research that I had dug up, or doctors, treatments, transplant related issues, allergies, my obsessive cleaning, his dietary habits etc.

He needed a day off and I must say that ultimately it was a relief.

I guess I had not realized how our lives had been consumed by CF. My mind has been preoccupied with his health for so long that I initially had a type of withdrawal. Things kept popping in to my head and it took a concerted effort to push those thoughts away.

Don't get me wrong, he took his meds/nebs but the whole regime was completed in a very gentle manner.
Rather than laying all of his meds/supplements out on the table, I put them into a delicate crystal shot glass.
His HTS which he has been having a hard time with I diluted with normal saline, this resulted in an approx 5% mixture which he tolerated very well.
He was compliant without "discussion" which has not happened in a very long time.
That was really nice, for all of us.

So, on with our day.
Sara was off by 11 to a birthday party with our neighbors/friends/often lifesavers The J's.
Shawn and I set off on the bike. We went for a very long ride.
While the bike is in motion, Shawn does not need supplemental oxygen. My theory is that due to the CPAP ( continuous positive airway pressure) effect his body obtains the oxygen required.

We rode to our usual first stop, Honey Dew donuts @ the head of the lake. This is a very popular "watering hole" for a large group of bikers. Friends of Bill W's I believe.
We had our ice coffee's, actually Shawn had his I dumped mine accidentally and was mortified.

Any hoo off we went. Riding up long winding back roads all the way up through Topsfield, Newburyport up up into Salisbury Beach.
The hub bub of end of summer was in the air. It was beautiful just passing through.

Shawn took the highway back home. Now don't get me wrong I love being out on the highway, especially on that beast but man my ass was so numb I could not tell where it was on the seat after a while. I'm no wimp. My seat is only about an inch of cushion resting on top of the rear fender. Vibration is an issue.

We left around noon and got home just after 5, good day of riding.

It was a wonderful Sunday spent with my husband. Just Shawn. Not CF Shawn. Just Shawn, my Shawn.

The evening was just as lovely. Our Sara Lou arrived home shortly after Shawn and I. Sara Lou helped prepare dinner, a fresh salad made up of produce from the Farmer's Market, linguine, meatballs, sausages, and good Italian bread.
What a feast!

We ended the evening with Sara chit chatting away in bed with us before retiring to her own bed and her books. That is my favorite time. The three of us jumbled up on the bed, talking, giggling and yawning. I love that time.

A great ending to a great day

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Lisa said...

Sounds like an awesome day!!