Monday, September 1, 2008


Slept like crap last night, could not shut my mind down.
We met up with our friends for ice-cream last night, it was great.
Shawn got a ton of compliments on his bike, and not just from little boys "OOOOOO cool bike mister."
These were guys who new their stuff so I was happy for him. Happy that even with his oxygen cannula hanging off his face he could be one of the guys, and a cool one to boot.

So my mind is not focusing well. I have so many things to start or finish, so many cards to write, telephone calls to make, appointments to be scheduled, I don't ever feel like I get anything accomplished.
I need to make smart decisions for Shawn. I can't fuck this up. He's depending on me.

Trying to sort through research and decide on a plan for him, treatments, evals etc. I wish he was as interested in this as I am.
He just wants to breathe.

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Kim said...

Hey Tina,

I know how overwhelming it is when you have SO much going on, so many things to do. Sit down for a sec, take a deep breath... then make a list. Put the easy stuff at the top. You WILL get through this! Let friends help you out. Save the research for last, its easy to spend hours reading at the computer... as I well know!! Hang in there girlfriend. Talk soon. Love, Kim