Sunday, September 28, 2008

Shawn still Shawn

Shawn is looking good, he is breathing easy, eating well, seems to be in good spirits.
He is still Shawn and all of the shit that CF throws at him can't change that.

I stayed home today, my first day without seeing him and it was hard for me. I miss him, his smell, his voice, his noises.... the coughing, clearing the throat, sniffing, snorting and of course the spitting.
It's quiet here. His O2 concentrator sits quietly in the corner, air purifiers quiet, his vest perfectly still, nebulizer, inhalers and acapella all just hanging out. Waiting for Shawn. We're all waiting for Shawn.

God I miss him.

Tomorrow is his last test in the transplant evaluation. He is having a cardiac cath. This is the first really invasive thing Shawn has ever had done. He is really nervous. I'm a nurse, I see the clinical side of it and I know what it entails, not so horrible, risks of course but not so bad. He is really anxious about it. He's still cracking jokes, he just called to let me know he took a really good shower, " Cause if they're going to see my junk I want it to be clean and smelling fresh"
He's a nut.

God I miss him

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Piper said...

Tina, best of luck to you and Shawn as you finish kicking ass in the Tx eval process. I know for me the last bit of it was far and away the most nerve-wracking...esp. knowing they were going to be making the decision. But Shawn is clearly a fighter, not to mention the fact that he has an awesome support system in you, and I promise those are the main things they are looking for, besides any health issues. You guys are going to come through this all with flying colors (and still keep your wicked sense of humor!).

You'll be in my thoughts tomorrow.