Monday, September 29, 2008

Killing time

First thanks to everyone for helping the both of us through this mess. I take great comfort in it.

Now, here I am waiting.....with my resteraunt type pager, y'know the light up coaster type. Shawn is having his cath down in the cardiac lab.

He was relieved to find out that it was decided have his neck be the point of access since they are looking at the R side, I guess.

He was all prepared to be shaved, it's a good thing he didn't shave himself he would have been mighty itchy, Ha!

We met with his Doc and th ePA this morning, once again good vibes all around. They put me at ease.

When I got in this a.m. Shawn was quick to tell me that the night nurse drew his labs really F'ed up, and he was right.

She flushed and drew the waste syringe off of his picc and then flushed and drew a second syringe then hooked the vacutainer to the syringe to fill the lab tube rather than drawing from the line.

This is the same nurse that came into the room to check his IV alarm w/out washing her hands or gowning/gloves. Shawn stopped her before she touched anything, asking her why she wasn't gowned, she had the balls to say "yeah I saw the sign" Shawn booted her out!

I let the nurse know this a.m. about the labs, she redrew them. When the doc came in I told him about it, which he was very glad to hear because apparently Shawn 's Vanco and other labs were off. They were ready to increase his Vanco. That stupid ninny. I hope they reprimand her, that's the kind of sloppy work that can have a tremendous impact on patient plan of care. What if they had increased his Vanco and his renal function had tanked!!! Grrrr!

Anyhoo, I'm patiently waiting....Sure

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