Thursday, February 12, 2009

Oh Damn these Holidays

My poorBabe, he was admitted. You know when the pager went off I knew it was too soon. They went in and sure enough something is going on at the seam. He knew there was something flopping around in there, he could feel it and you could hear it. They couldn't clean it up.

Thank God he kept bitching about it because he wasn't scheduled for this bronch until the 24th or 27th. There were a lot of secretions, could be pneumonia, could just be that they couldn't get past that "misjoint". They took cultures put him on IV abx for now and tomorrow he will go into the OR so they can put him under and his surgeon will hopefully go in and fix things up. I guess we'll know more after the surgery. They'll take biopsies then too and check for rejection. I guess it doesn't look like rejection whatever the hell that means.

I'm glad he went out for his ride yesterday.

It's alright, he is where he needs to be and we'll get through this.
Thanks for the support guys, I am going to bring Shawn in the laptop so he'll probably be in chat tonight. I hope so.


Anonymous said...

Tina, hopefully he will be good to go for his benfit next week.

Kim said...

I like your new format Tina! I'm so sorry Shawn is in, but glad that he's getting things taken care of. We're wishing him a speedy recovery!!! Talk to you soon, hang in there girlfriend. xo, Kim

Elizabeth said...

Oh no -- I how things go really well today and there's no rejection and no pneumonia! We'll be thinking of you out here in teh pacific NW. Take care!