Friday, February 6, 2009

Health Insurance Nightmares

Poor Shawn, last week we got a notice that his health insurance was being canceled because he didn't fill out a review form, he had of course since there was no way we would jeopardize his coverage. So after making 4 calls and sitting on hold for up to 14 minutes, I e-mailed them. Well we got a call back right away, the rep assured us everything was fine, ignore the notice, they had received the forms back in Dec, don't worry about it. Shawn got her name and a reference number for the call. Thank Goodness.

So today he goes to Walgreens to pick up scripts and they deny him. Shawn is on prednisone which makes him a little on edge, well man he flipped out. I can't say that I blame him I mean these meds are serious shit, it's his life.

Now after calling and calling and getting no answer, he is in the jeep driving to the headquarters, and he is really pissed. Yikes.

I hope he doesn't freak out and get bucked down. I feel so bad for him, insurance is a bitch man.

I texted him he says he's fine but he could be full of shit


Kim said...

Oh Poor Shawn! That is so frustrating, I'd have flipped out on them too. Insurance can bite my a**! Looking forward to the benefit. You guys around today? We'll be taking our walk...... :-)


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