Thursday, February 12, 2009

Bronch and Biopsy Today

So here I am waiting in the family area once again. I don't mind at all.
Shawn is having a bronchoscopy and biopsy upstairs. Today he is exactly 12 weeks out of transplant. They usually schedule a bronch/biopsy for three months anyway so this is really perfect as far as I'm concerned.
They had scheduled it for Feb 27th, but he has some weird coughing going on so they bumped it up to today.

I don't know what is normal and what isn't for transplanted lungs so it could be totally nothing. His new lungs sound different, than an original healthy set, like mine so I don't really have a clue.
He had this weird flapping sound like a valve opening and closing for a couple of days, which the doctor thought might be a "shaggy" airway. I guess where the new lungs meet the old body, there is an overlap of tissue that eventually sloughs off, so maybe it was a hanging piece of tissue. That sound is gone now and he just has a cough, not a bad one, not constant and not productive but it sounds irritated.

Shawn's transplant has a history with Holidays, as you know he was transplanted on Thanksgiving and we got the call that he was experiencing rejection on New Years Eve so Shawn is wary because tomorrow is Valentines Day, oh that would really be too much so lets hope the biopsy shows no rejection.
Well lets hope there is no rejection anyway.

I know that rejection is always a possibility and I know that it is not unusual in the first year, but I don't want him to have anymore. Thanks but no thanks.

Well it is in Gods hands and whatever the outcome it'll be o.k.


Christy said...

Praying for no infection/no rejection!!! That's good that it's not a productive cough. Hopefully just some dryness/allergies or something like that. I have had some dry coughs several times since transplant and it turned out to be nothing.
All we want Shawn to have for Valentine's Day is lots of love from his family and healthy lungs. :)

CowTown said...

I hope it's nothing too and the cause is minor. I want you two to have an excellent Vday! :)