Sunday, February 8, 2009

Before and After Transplant Photo's

This was in February of 2008, one year ago. Shawn weighed in at 134lbs, was on oxygen 24/7, and basically spent his life in that chair. My poor Babe, he broke my heart.

Here is Shawn February 2009, 10 weeks after his transplant. Weighing in at 185lbs!

Check out the new and improved Shawn Stickney, doesn't he look amazing?
This was last night at a birthday party for a friend, our first social outing in a very looooooong time. I am so proud of him.


Amy said...

totally amazing!!!!! 2 completely different people :)

God Bless you both!!!! <3

Christy said...

Both of you look amazing!!!

Kim said...

It's amazing what a new set of lungs'll do for you, isn't it? He looks wonderful and I'm so happy foryou guys. Your happiness shows in both your faces!

Anonymous said...

Wow....what a great picture! Shawn looks fabulous in those new lungs of his.