Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Dragging it out

Well thanks for the comments guys it really make s a difference ! Just knowing someone is out there giving me a cyber pat on the back is very helpful.

Things are better or I'm better either way I'm dealing better.

I spoke with the transplant social worker on Monday, Wednesday my "support team" and the transplant team are meeting. Shawn's ph probe, his dental exam and our new apartment were the last obstacles to transplant so now that those things are settled the "Transplant Team" will present his case with this new info and the make their decision on Thursday.

I guess they met when Shawn was inpt and he was a go pending those three things and the support team. Now everything is in line so for the love of God on Thursday they will give make the decision to list him. So a couple of more days I suppose it won't kill us but man it's not fun either.

The SW was full of sunshine and reminded me that this is not nearly as bad as "waiting" once listed.
I'm sure that is very very true I just want to get things set in motion.

Shawn's birthday is November 18th, he'll be 35. Fuck man 35.

I love our new place, it's wonderful! My dog Jake and I walk the beach twice a day, we play some catch run around like nuts! It feels great. I wake up with the sunrise each morning. I refuse to get blinds, much to Shawn's chagrin.

In all of this I'm trying to remember me. I've been collecting sea glass and hope to use it in some way in my Christmas gifts. My little treasures.
A dear friend of mine KN mentioned making soaps today, I've always wanted to so now I have a partner in crime! Yee hoo!

She's great, we're very like minded so I'm very thankful for our blossoming friendship.

Any hoo thanks for keeping my spirits up! Here's to hanging in there!

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CFsteph said...

Hi Tina,
The SW at B&W is just a ball full of energy huh? I hope Shawn gets list ASAP! What a long process this can be. I'm thinking of you and Shawn.
Take Care,