Sunday, November 23, 2008

....and the dragging continues....

Yikes it has been forever!! I don't have net set up at the new place yet, it's weird to be so out of touch. Anyhoo....

Our transplant "support team" meeting turned out to be a clinical appt and a meeting with the team in the exam room. It was actually pretty comical, there we were, Tom, Candy, Scott, Peter, my Mother, Shawn and I all crammed into this tiny room. The staff got a huge charge out of it and they were glad to see so many were willing to take time out for Shawn.

B&W called us that Thursday to tell us he would be listed. We were all about celebrating and spreading the word and waiting for the call, then we go this past Wed for our transplant support group meeting and the coordinator tells us that he is inactive until the insurance co clinical review is complete!!! Hello! Well it takes two days I guess so we should have heard Friday but we didn't. He will call on Monday.

So about me.... I'm enjoying our new place, it is beautiful. I take Jake "our pooch" to the beach twice a day. He poops there. Do you think it is environmentally sound to let his poop run out in to the ocean? They are very small poops.

I'm typing this from the lobby of the Marriott, my dgtr had a birthday sleepover with 6 of her friends. My MIL works for Marriott so the rooms were comp.

I had a whole room to myself. No offense to my ever loving husband but man...a night without the whoosh of oxygen, without the fear of being strangled with tubing while I sleep, without having to get up to make him tea or set-up a neb treatment in the middle of the night because of a coughing fit, a night without watching his chest rise and fall to make sure he's breathing....
A morning waking up on my own and being able to just lay in the bed, surrounded by giant soft fluffy pillows, waking up and tending to myself alone oh it was amazing.

What a bitch I must sound like but I don't care it was only one night and I thoroughly enjoyed it.
He was happy for me, genuinely happy for me. He bought me bubble bath and wished me a wonderful night.

My Babe is the most wonderful man and the world. I enjoyed this but I will be happy to return home with him.


Kim said...

Good for you to enjoy your night at the Mariott! I think it sounded wonderful. Everyone deserves a bit of alone time, that doesn't make you a bitch. Can't wait until you are back online full time!


Laurie said...

Hi Tina!! It's Laurie 42 wcf from the south shore, ma. Norwell, to be exact. I follow your blog, and think of you guys often. I have to get evaluated soon. I am such a chicken. Anyhoo...i have been hoping for some pictures of the new place!!! are you gonna post any soon?? well, i am glad you had a nice night. I drive my husband crazy eith all the noise I make!!! ;o)

Christy said...

Hey girl..
Just wondering if he's active yet!! How long is the wait once he goes active?