Thursday, January 21, 2010

What a difference a day makes

First thanks to my ladies for the encouragement. So weird how just knowing that you girls feel for me is so reassuring. Am I a dork? Who cares....thanks for being there.

So today Shawn got up drove Sara Lou to school then came home with bags from Marshalls. He bought me some perfect work-out clothes and then took me to his gym. I have the most enormous gym phobia, well I have a "me" phobia.

But it was good, really good. I walked on the treadmill, not far...2 and 1/2 miles at 3.8 mph....for me was fun but I sweated my ass off because I kept my sweatshirt on. Hmmm won't do that tomorrow, I see why they are called "sweat" shirts. Gross. Then Shawn took me around to a few machines and we exercised together, he set the machines up for me and counted off my sets. It was so loving. I felt so proud to be with him. He was so nurturing.
He was so lovely that I totally forgot about my "me" phobia.

So anyway it was great and i'm so happy that we went and I am totally looking forward to going tomorrow. I can't believe I said that.

The rest of my day was good, productive.

Maybe the "fix", maybe my "fix" is the gym. I hope so.

Thanks and Good Night !!


Lisa said...

Sounds like a good day...glad it was better! Keep the working out up...I bet it will help you feel better in general. I know that exercise makes me feel a lot better. Hugs!!

Wilson said...

TINA! That's great :) I LOVE the gym.

PS your dog is ridiculously cute! :)

Amy said...

soooo glad girl!!!!!!!!!

Sharon said...


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Kim said...

Good for you!!! The first time is the worst- I'm so glad Shawn is encouraging you. <3 Kim