Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I got nothing...

I feel so negligent. Just cruising through some of the blogs that I used to read on an almost daily basis and realize that I am so out of touch. Out of touch with everything and nearly everyone.

I used to love blogging and commenting on the forums but I just don't seem to have it in me. I got nothing. I feel pretty empty. I feel like I am keeping my head above the water.

I'm not jumping off of any bridges or anything just feeling muted. I hate it. I want to be engaged. Engaged in life.

My husband is healthy, feeling good. My daughter is thriving and I am so amazed and proud of the wonderful young woman she is becoming.

My father is dying and I am drifting. Ugh


Amy said...

how funny! When I read your comment on my blog I was going to respond asking why you have not blogged lately and lo and behold you have!

Hugging from a distance my love! See you in 9 days!!

Lisa said...

Sorry to me, I'm here :(


Christy said...

Lots of love from NC Tina!!! As Lisa says, we are here for you! XOXO

Kim said...

Hugs, Tina. You have more than you know, we are able to see it even if you're not.