Monday, November 16, 2009

Busy busy busy makes for crazy crazy crazy

Well super busy but amazingly enough feeling pretty sane too.
Shawn's big "1 Year Transplant Anniversary" party is this weekend, so excited and totally not prepared. I feel like I have to get one thing done before the other. Sara Lou's party was this past weekend and we are moving hopefully Wednesday. So once the move is under way I can focus on the party preparations for Saturday. Oh yeah and my Dad who is terminal is coming up from Virginia on Thursday.

This place will be empty except for party paraphernalia. Ought to be interesting.

Aside from that chaos I can't help thinking about how our life was just a year ago. Everything exciting was happening in November. I am so grateful.

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Amy said...

this is one heck of a busy month for you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

And remember I can help all day Saturday with anything you need!!!! I'll have my GPS so if you need me to run errands I sure can!!!!