Sunday, October 25, 2009

"Holding On"

So I've been laid up for a couple of days with a stupid sprained ankle. With all the time to sit and be forced to be still I had a hard time knowing what to do with myself. I came to realize that perhaps my mind had been sneaky and had gotten a bit busy as of late. I thought I was pretty "together" but can see that I was just busy. My head had gotten racy and wild. I wasn't aware of it because I was One; keeping my body as busy as my mind and Two; Because my head wasn't full of the usual negative crazy chatter I thought it was quiet.

Now that I was forced to make my body still...I can see my mind was running full speed ahead, not calm and zenny at all.

So I stated doing things that zone me...I started crocheting but got a bit frustrated with the crappy yarn I was using so although I enjoy it I was feeling irritated instead of calm.

So I returned to what I glass. Ahhhhh how I enjoy working with it, sorting through the thousands of pieces for just the right colors, the hues, the shapes, sizes, textures, the age I love it.

I have gotten away from making "jewelery" maybe because Shawn does it, maybe because I am bored with the style and technique, maybe because I want something more. I want my glass to speak.

I have been working on larger projects, mosaics if you will. I'm not sure what you call them.
I finished a large piece that I have been working on and really love the look of it. So I decided to work on more large scale pieces and not apologize for it. Just embrace the beauty of all of those tiny pieces together.

A couple of months ago I sketched out a picture, very rough but it speaks to me. I love it. I love what it says and what it promises. I titled it immediately ..."Holding On"... there was no thinking about it. The title came as naturally as the sketch.

Weeks ago I prepared the glass sheet which was to be my canvas. I prepped it, taped it off, bumpered my sharp corners and left it to set up. Waited for when I was feeling inspired and *poof* sprained ankle and forced rest!

So last night I started actually putting the piece together, I love it. I worked on it for about 5 or 6 hours and it's form is emerging and I am in love with it.
These pieces especially one of this size take hours upon hours to complete, I'd guess a good 40-50 hours maybe more. There are thousands of tiny pieces of glass, I do not grout so the pieces have to really lock together like a puzzle, the shades, shapes have to be just right, everything works together and I think the result is wonderful.

SO last night I huddled over the glass, turning and shifting and not being able to get my ankle in a comfortable position but I didn't care..... my mind was quiet.


Amy said...

I'm so glad you are doing your glass again. I can't wait to see the finished project!!!!!

After I stop working I can come up and stay longer and teach you much more crochet! And we will get you some good yarn!!!!!!!!! :)

Kim said...

Tina, so sorry about your ankle!!! Take care of yourself and enjoy your time playing with sea glass. I think it's great you are following your artistic urges and making mosaics, the mandalas you've done are gorgeous!! Hope to see you SOON - I miss you and have some soaps for you ;-). Love, Kim