Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I've accomplished something

OK so yesterday I had a kick ass day and completed two pendants that I have been working on. Well maybe "working on" isn't exactly accurate, more like agonizing over. Sometimes I find a piece of sea-pottery that just calls to me and then I have to decide what to do with it, usually it sits in my "special" tray and I look at it, stare at it and wait for something to inspire me. Well yesterday it came to me. The first piece is for someone very special and someone very special to her commissioned it. I will be making a coordinating piece for "him" as well. I am very excited to send him a picture of it, hope he approves and likes it. If not it's alright because frankly I love it and would really like to keep it for myself, Muwahahhaha

The second piece I call "Old Souls" the sea-pottery is very old, well over 100yrs and I love love love the colors, the haggard used look of it and the pattern, the small wheel to me represents the idea of a second chance, always a new day, a circle of time.

Both pieces are done with Sterling Silver. Actually not my favorite metal because it tarnishes. With a bit of care it stays shiny and brand new looking.

I threw these shots in because I think it's difficult to judge the scale unless you see it on a body. Most artisans will provide the dimensions of a piece but I can never wrap my mind around it unless I actually see it on a body.


Elizabeth said...

Tina -- these are beautiful. I believe you're heart knows how talented you are, even if, as you've written, sometimes it's hard to know it in your head. Congratulations -- looking forward to the esty or other internet shop in your near future! Love to you,

Amy said...

I love both pieces!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kellee said...

Woo Hoo
I love them!!!

Tina said...

Thanks Ladies as always your good for my vibe.

Kim said...

Tina, these are gorgeous pieces! And you have been commissioned to work on things- that is a huge complement and an indicator of your talent. Congratulations. Have you seen Artfire? It's similar to Etsy, only free. Have fun pursuing your dreams :-).


CowTown said...

They're beautiful!!!