Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Trip to Virginia and the new Caddie

Sooooo.... the trip was great. Luray where my Father lives is gorgeous, we visited the Luray Caverns and drove along Skyline Drive. I took a ton of photos, couldn't help myself.
The time we spent with my Dad was so much better than I initially expected. He was great, looked good, thinner and older, but positive, pleasant and his energy level was surprisingly pretty high. He proudly introduced us to his friends and neighbors. He was calm and just all around had a good vibe going.

I couldn't help but thinking that the cancer had taken the bitterness out of him.

My Brother and I both remarked that he had really mellowed out. I kept saying that he seemed like he had taken a couple of hits of pot. He was clearheaded enough but mellow. After I got home it occured to me that dah he was high. He was taking 5mg of Marinol twice a day, muwahahahahaha. It really brought out the best in my Dad.

My Dad bought a 1987 Cadillac a few years back and had been working on it. The car is a beauty, a Coupe DeVille fully loaded and in mint condition, a real "creampuff" as my Dad calls it. He gave it to me. I love it!!!

Since streamlining our finances I have been driving an old Jeep. I actually love it but it's been crapping out. I don't mind putting the money out for repairs but it is a hoopty in general. So the Caddy is unbelievable and a huge Blessing.

On the Shawn front..he is doing really well. Still on pureed foods but no pain, no reflux and even more important NO constriction in his airways ! He has been requiring dilitation every two weeks since February and yesterday was three weeks and he still feels open!!!



Kim said...

Love the new creampuff! It suits you to a "t". I'm glad Shawn is doing so well, he looks amazing. See you soon! <3 Kim

Lisa said...

Glad to hear that things are going well!! I hope that they stay that way!