Monday, June 15, 2009

( lost in draft ) A very wecome lull in our lives

It is welcome in so many ways. Shawn is so healthy right now I am almost afraid to say it out loud. His last trip to the OR was May 18th OR infection @ site, admitted and treated with IV antibiotics. OR and discharged home five days later on Friday the 22nd.

He went back in on Wed the 27th for the Nissan procedure (tightens up the base of esophagus to stop any "heartburn" or reflux from getting into his lungs)

I drove down to Virginia on Friday the 29th.

Shawn was discharged home on Saturday the 30th.

I came home on June 1st.
Wednesday the 3rd Sara Lou went to DC with her school, returned on the 5th.

Friday June 11th Shawn had follow up with Dr. W, surgeon. Everything went really well, he has had none of the tightness he feels when needing to be dilated. We were keeping our fingers crossed.

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