Tuesday, May 5, 2009

So Here is Shawn pre-op, hanging out being a very patient patient, then post-op clearly aggravated with me for taking his picture and finally the monitor that reveals those beautiful numbers that make my heart soar. Heart Rate of 77 (norm is 60-90),
Oxygen saturation 98%, 98%, 98% !!!!!
I see those numbers and it always amazes me. 98%.
Pre-transplant, the first time I ever saw an O2 sat on him was back in Feb of 2000 when he was asymptomatic but first diagnosed and he was 92%.
At his worst, he would dip into the 70's with mild exertion.
Here he is with those wonderful new lungs and they are giving him an O2 sat of 98% and that is fresh out of anesthesia.

I spoke to Dr.C (or "Phillip" as he informed me he would like to be addressed as) post-op and the lungs look great. Apparently the R side needed to be dilated, the L was open there was no plugging, no signs of rejection.
He didn't biopsy for rejection, he feels that the FEV1 drop is most likely due to the restriction.
I can't lie I was a little surprised when he said he hadn't biopsied but I have to trust that he knows his shit and I do trust his judgment.

(Camp has a very special place in my heart, how can he not? But that's another post, because he is an exceptional man, unlike any other surgeon I have encountered.)

I go down the list of signs of rejection in my head pretty regularly and it's true Shawn has only the decrease in FEV1% which I know is a powerful number but I just don't feel like it is all that important anymore. Well in the capacity of clinical indicators for rejection. I think it makes perfect sense that Shawn can't get a good number with the restriction. Soooo perhaps the numbers will look better next time, but regardless of what they say I know my husband.

I know that when he comes out of the OR he can breathe freely. He goes up and down the stairs without any shortness of breath, he has no wheezing, no trapped secretions and he FEELS better.

Shawn is almost 23 weeks post-transplant.... I am so thrilled with him, with our donor, with Camp, with the whole Transplant Team, with the staff at B&W from the parking attendants and cafeteria cashiers to the schedulers and the techs. This is a wonderful and positive experience and every breathe he takes is another miracle. I'm so thankful he's better.

I'd like to show my appreciation to all of them but I'm not exactly sure how. Hmmmm?
I would be grateful for any ideas or suggestions.

We are living an amazing and Blessed life.


CFlover said...

Yay for good numbers!!!!

Graciy said...

H visits are always a bit scary. I am super glad you can find the little things to be happy about. I think that's one of the only way us CF wives pull through sometimes :0) good luck!