Monday, December 1, 2008

Monday and still amazing me

Shawn is doing so great. Today he has had his cardiac wires and two of his chest tubes removed. He is on a liquid diet, but is thankful for even that in his belly. He has been on 1L via NC and his sats are 99%, they are going to d/c that but gently for security issues. The trauma to the LLL is quickly resolving, his incision looks great. No complaints, no issues so far so good. I spoke at length with the surgeon he is clearly thrilled with Shawn's course thus far. They were going to transfer him out of ICU today but a bed wasn't going to be available until tomorrow, so the plan is tomorrow he'll be in the step down. Woo Hoo !

I still feel kind of dopey, sureal experience. I'm so thankful, so grateful. I love to just look at him, I can't believe it even though I know it. We're on the other side now. Our new life is starting and it is wonderful.

Sara Lou is doing great. Since nothing was rushed, frantic there was no anxiety. She came to see him once he was extubated. She is used to seeing him in the hospital so that's no big deal, but she was interested in seeing that incision. I like to see it too. Seeing it is very comforting, it makes me feel safe because I know it's real and I know he's living and breathing in peace, with us, together.


Amy said...

I am so very happy for you guys!!!

Great big hugs all around!!!!


Christy said...

Such great news! Step-down will be so much better. I'm so happy for ALL of you!

whatsherface said...

The good news just keeps getting better!

Anonymous said...

Hearing your perspective is so inspiring! I can only imagine how surreal it must be since it happened so fast.

I'm so thrilled to hear all the great recovery updates!!

Thinking of you both ~


CFsteph said...

Hi Tina,
Sorry that this is my first comment since the transplant. I haven't been checking the blogs. I am so happy for you guys. Please email me when you have a chance and let me know about the experience at B&W. I knew Shawn would not have a long wait!

Thinking of you, Shawn and your daughter,