Friday, December 19, 2008

It's been soooo long

Well what can I life is very different today than it was just three weeks ago. Wow. Shawn is doing great, he looks fantastic, clinically he is surpassing all of the Team's expectations, attitude wise he is positive and upbeat, realistic and hopeful.

The first couple of days he was home were really awkward. I had become accustomed to Shawn getting up in the morning and moving from the bedroom to the couch. There I would bring him his treatments, breakfast, treatments, snack,treatments, lunch, treatments, snack, treatments, dinner, treatments snack, bedtime.
Not that he did nothing at all but I guess he did much less than I recognized.

I say that because now he is up and around all day, in my space, in my kitchen, taking care of himself and even taking care of Sara and I. Preparing meals, throwing on laundry, making the bed. Ohhhhh the humanity.

So many things changed in our relationship when he got sick, but they changed a little at a time so I guess I didn't notice. Plus they were being replaced with other tasks r/t his being sick. Little by little his lungs stole our "life" away from us.
Being in bed with him and chit chatting in the middle of the night

Yikes I had to stop typing on 12/19 and today is 12/22nd so I have to catch up. I'll start a new post

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Alicia said...

This is so wonderful! I'm happy for all of you!