Tuesday, September 29, 2009

What the ??????????

So last night at like 10:30 Shawn see's on his cell he missed a call. It's J our landlord. (Who is actually the dgtr of the owner) She tells Shawn whatever. I was sitting in the living room putting finishing touches on a seaglass mosaic and he's standing there doing alot of "what?", "why" and "when". I knew something was wrong. You could feel the change in the air. He hung up came over and delivered the news. "We have to move"
I called her right back and asked her what was going on and she said the same. She refused to give and explanation, said that it was NOT personal, strictly business. I said what business? You want more money? Nope. I said I felt like we deserved the courtesy of at least an explanation. She refused asked me to respect her families privacy. Oh fuck you.

I know that it has to be her moving back here. We never met her, she was already out in California with her parents. She is a firefighter here in Swampscott, her husband is in the service and is overseas. I just think that she is moving back and just won't say so.

What can I do? I'm devastated. Anyone who knows me knows we LOVE this place. Anyone who knows this place KNOW why.

I'm going to try very hard to make this o.k. I can't handle another big NEGATIVE in my life. I am supposed to move forward as if I chose this path.

OK. I am grateful that we have had this beautiful place to live for the past year, that Shawn has had a safe clean environment in which to recover in, we have all made good friends here and loads of good memories.

But God damn if I knew her plan was to come back in a year I never would have signed on. Grrrrr.

Ugh. I am pretty worried about Shawn today, he is DEVASTATED. There is nothing worse than seeing that look on his face.
But alas at least I am looking at a healthy pink gorgeous alive face,right?

So...right this minute I am thankful for this amazing wonderful healthy and happy year we have had. I look forward to finding someplace even more perfect!!!!!


Lisa said...

So sorry Tina!!! ((hugs))

Kim said...

Oh NO! I'm devastated as well. I can't believe it. The only up-side to this would be if you can find something only 3 minutes from our house...with a good view! Sorry for the news, this is a total bummer.