Monday, September 21, 2009

feeling good

So here I am today feeling better. I have kicked my Wellbutrin to the curb for now along with all other prescription meds. I have returned to the basics. I'm back to good old St. Johns Wort. Today marks a full week on it and I feel oh so much better. Even with the hormonal swing of my period I've done pretty good, if I do say so myself.

My Father is sick. My brother went down to see him last week and reports back that he is weaker and even more frail looking than he was a few months ago. Peter said Dad was super short of breath and coughing alot. Deja vu perhaps. Eek. He was transfused with 3 units packed red blood cells so that should help. I'm working up my courage to call him. I have to see him soon. I hate the idea of knowing that he is sick. He is. Cancer what a fucker. Considering that he was diagnosed last October primary site lung with mets to the brain, liver, groin he is lucky to be here.
I wish he would come back home. What is he doing down there? What's going to happen when he is too sick to take care of himself?

My husband is staying with his Uncle Carl for a couple of days while his wife is away on business. Uncle Carl just had brain surgery last week to remove a tumor, he's doing great, looks a bit like a screwy baseball but amazing that he's up and around already. That poor bastard has been through two very nasty bouts with cancer of the tongue and throat already. Time for a break.

Shawn is doing awesome. not listening to me much but I guess that is nothing new.

I love the Fall my favorite season I think. November is our lucky month!!! Sara Lou and Shawn both born in November and of course his transplant on Thanksgiving. So very much to be thankful for.